healthy super bowl cookbook

Created by Duane Brumitt

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My Story

My story is pretty simple. My joints hurt, my sleep wasn’t good, I held my breath to tie my shoes, and my brother who hadn’t seen me in person for a few years asked if I had dental work done... Ouch!!! 😫 FAT FACE!!!

I needed a change and fast. Not only did I need a physical change, I needed a mental change as well. I found it with this program and it has changed my life completely.

I lost 30lbs in 14 weeks, and created new healthy habits that have helped me keep that weight off ever since.

In fact, over 2 and a half years now! 🥳👏🙌

I now know how to fuel my body correctly, and the gym has now become fun for me, as opposed to a must do!

I reached my target weight within 14 weeks and then hit my healthy BMI weight a few weeks later.

The energy levels went through the 🏠 roof, my sleep 💤 is great, my cheeks 😬 no longer look like I just got dental work done 😂 , and people are always telling me how much younger and happier I look.

They are right‼️

This program works and I’m very blessed to have been introduced to this program and community by my amazing people.

Are you looking to make changes to your health? I would love to chat with you about your own health goals and see if what we are doing might be a good fit.

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Talk you to soon!

Duane Brumitt

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